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You share online. You and your friends tell each other about the best promotions and cool content that you see on a daily basis. Why not get paid to talk about the things you love?

Just sign up, and adMingle gets your favourite brands to pay you. Tell us what you like talking about, and we'll send you the freshest campaigns for you to share online.

Once you've chosen the campaigns you like, customise your tweet or post, and be the first to publish it amongst your friends. adMingle Effect is Twitter-based, and pays you according to your influence; stuff like how many followers you have, how many favourites and retweets you get, and the comments your followers make. adMingle Click pays you every time someone clicks on your post. You can share Click campaigns anywhere; on any social network, in your blog, on your website, in emails... even in texts and Whatsapp! After the campaign has finished, you get paid. Simple.



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Why Join?

Why spend your advertising budget on someone else's audience?

adMingle lets you reach your target audience by employing brand advocates on your behalf. Think of it as a content distribution platform, one that pays its publishers according to their influence. Our publishers distribute your content to suit the style of their blogs and social-media platforms. This way, adMingle safeguards our publishers' editorial standards, whilst engaging your audience in a genuine way.

We use specialised algorithms, intelligent link technology, and state-of-the-art optimisation tools to provide the best yields and social media engagement. We filter out robots and scripts, and ensure you only pay for UK traffic. adMingle provides all of the post-campaign metrics you'd expect, whilst protecting the integrity of our users' data. adMingle - the world's first peer-to-peer endorsement network.